Planetary Philosophy

Schools will put an end to the nationalist ideologies that breed a harmful culture of separation, division, fear and conflict. A new education paradigm will be founded on a holistic, planetary philosophy that sees us all as members of one human family. Children will learn through the lens of their whole world instead of just their country, and schools will foster a culture of unity through diversity.

Sense of Community

Schools will be built around a strong, familial sense of community. Children should be collaboratively involved in the building and decorating of their school structures, the cooking of the school lunches, the maintenance of the school grounds, the direction of their learning, and many more tasks that directly impact the functioning of their school. When students work together to help their school thrive, they feel a strong sense of belonging as integral members of their tribe.

Understanding the Individual

In order for children to learn empathy, teachers have to first lead by example. This means they have to be getting down to the child’s level, really connecting ‘with’ that child, and making every attempt to understand that child on a more spiritual level. When a child feels like their teacher ‘gets them’ for who they are, they then experience the value of empathy, and will in turn seek to empathize with others.

Learning Kindness

Children will be encouraged to engage in random acts of kindness, and to pay that kindness forward to others. Through such a philosophy built on compassion and human decency, they will learn the value of real human connection and the power of giving without the expectation of reward. By encouraging children to act altruistically from an early age, they are more likely to carry this compassionate nature over into their adult lives. A ‘Pay It Forward’ system is to be encouraged as part of the school philosophy.