Children will be given opportunities to experience mindfulness and meditation from an early age, and will have access to this practice all through their schooling. Mindfulness education will assist students in unearthing their passions, dreams and deep desires in life, while at the same time helping them develop stronger neural pathways and increasing their creative potential.

Creative Play

For children in the primary years, creative play will be an essential part of their development. A certain amount of time each day will be dedicated to providing children with all the resources necessary to manifest their spontaneity in the world. Teachers will use this time to identify and nurture those areas the children are naturally driven in.

The Arts

All disciplines of the arts will be made available to students of all ages. Music, dance, theater, poetry, visual art, film-making, photography, culinary arts, pottery, craft, writing, among other artistic pursuits, should be open to students. Teachers of The Arts will be masters of their craft or discipline, in order for children to achieve mastery themselves.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

Like pursuits within The Arts, children should have full access to a range of sports and outdoor pursuits. Both competitive and non-competitive sports will be available, with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, camaraderie and humility on the sports field.

Design & Technology

Children should have access to avenues of design & technology, from woodworking and engineering to graphic design and computer programming. Students should be exposed to the latest technological developments, and should also engage with some of these technologies in a practical setting. Technology, when utilized in ways that assist us, is key to human evolution.